Introduction to Sandia Mountain BearWatch

Bear Biologist Cecilly Costello
with bear cub

Sandia Mountain BearWatch is a not-for-profit organization. Most of SM BearWatch's 600 plus members primarily reside in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains. We are pleased to see our membership growing statewide. We've found that most mountain residents want to learn how to co-exist with and protect this unique animal.

The goal of SM BearWatch is to ensure a stable statewide bear population. We do this by advocating reasonable bear hunting dates and practices. We strive to inform mountain residents and visitors how to co-exist with black bears through our neighborhood network of Wildlife Stewards and the press. SM BearWatch advocates bear proofing of all bear habitat food-related dumpsters and home garbage receptacles.

SM BearWatch does not spend a lot time raising money. No one is paid for his or her time except Dr. Al LeCount, who is our consulting bear biologist. Our small membership dues of $5/year are spent for printing, postage and professional advice. A large membership is more politically important than money and the reason we keep our dues low.

We are in the process of finding funding for statewide bear proofing through our sister 501C3 non-profit corporation, New Mexico BearWatch and welcome all donations to this important endeavor. The destructive cycle of creating garbage bears year after year needs to be addressed and stopped.

It is important for us to hear from you! Please contact us with your concerns, questions, and other input.