Bear Proofing

Keep New Mexico’s Bears Alive and You Safe

In New Mexico you can buy your Bear Proof Trash Cans at:

Davis Tru-Value Hardware Store
12168 N Highway 14
Cedar Crest, New Mexico
64 Gallon $200
95 Gallon $220

Garbage Companies

For East Mountain Residents we recommend the following garbage companies for their ‘bear friendly’ garbage service. Please support these community-minded businesses.

L Mora Trash Hauling

East Mountain Disposal

Also, for other NM mountain communities:

Ask your local hardware store to carry bear proof trash cans. For more information, check out the following companies.

Bear Proof Systems, LLC
Justin & Brandon Mauk
Home bear proofed double ply poly containers with bear proof hasps.

For ‘superior’ Bear proof metal home trash containers and bear proof metal dumpsters:

Juniper Valley Metal Products Division
Colorado Correctional Industries
PO Box 1600
Canon City, CO 81215-1600
Ph: (719) 269-4540
Fax: (719) 269-4584
Pager: (719) 595-4432
Contact: Jack Hadley