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Sandia Mountain BearWatch's goal is to ensure a stable New Mexico bear population. We do not take an anti-hunting stance but vigorously oppose bad hunting policy. We strongly oppose hunting practices that are considered unethical. BearWatch has consistently come out against and been successful in stopping a spring hunt and summer pursuit of bears with hounds. After a decade of hard work on behalf of SMBW, the department of New Mexico Game and Fish has implemented a comprehensive statewide bear hunting policy based on bear biology gleaned from their eight-year bear study.

In partnership with New Mexico Game and Fish, Cibola National Forest Service and Bernalillo County, SMBW helps inform all mountain residents how to co-exist with bears. Our volunteer Wildlife Steward's program is instrumental in this endeavor by informing their mountain neighbors how to co-exist with bears and other wildlife. We invite you to become a Wildlife Steward for your neighborhood area.

BearWatch was instrumental in having Governor Richardson sign a bear-proofing bill that would require bear proofing of food related garbage dumpsters in New Mexico's bear country.

Sandia Mountain BearWatch is non-profit. We keep dues small to encourage a large membership. We have the smallest budget of any conservation group in the state but have found we can accomplish a lot for New Mexico's bears because of our large membership. No one in BearWatch is paid for their time; monies are spent on printings, mailings and consulting fees. We send out two newsletters a year, spring and fall. At our annual May meeting we invite wildlife biologists to give wildlife presentations to our members.

Thank you for joining Sandia Mountain BearWatch, you can help make a difference for this magnificent animal.

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