Welcome to Sandia Mountain BearWatch

Sandia Mountain BearWatch is now seventeen years old. Our mission when we started and our mission today is to help ensure a stable bear population in New Mexico. We have never taken an anti-hunting stance but will continue to take a strong stand against poor bear management and unethical hunting practices.

Our Sandia Mountain BearWatch Wildlife Steward program helps inform mountain residents and visitors to bear country how to co-exist with bears along with other wildlife. We have a 600+ membership based in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains that continues to grow statewide.

One of our goals is to work with New Mexico Game and Fish and mountain communities to bear-proof all food related dumpsters and to inform residents how to bear-proof their homes in New Mexico’s bear country. Our approach will be to offer to cost share bear-proofing of food related garbage.

Wildlife conservation is sometimes a difficult undertaking but with a reasonable stance and perseverance, we’ve found that we’ve made an enormous difference for the black bears of New Mexico. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Please explore our site for more information about bears, their Sandia mountain habitat, how to live with them and other wildlife, our history, goals and accomplishments, and much more.









































Our website is under construction. Thank you for your patience. Please come back soon -- we will be updating it soon.